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Welcome to the Media Library SEARCH HELP DESK.

You will find that the search engine built into the Media Library is very much like any one you have used before.

To search for imagery found within the Media Library, simply type one or more keywords into the field labeled “ENTER KEYWORD.” For example, “humpback whale”.

If you want to refine your search for ‘humpback whale’, consider selecting one of the Categories, Subcategories, or Sanctuaries from the drop down menus found at the bottom of the Quick Search box.

For instance, if you entered ‘Humpback whale’ into the Keyword search field but only wanted to see the images of humpback whales from the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, you would select ‘Channel Islands’ from the drop down menu labeled Sanctuaries at the bottom of the Quick Search window. Selecting a Category, Subcategory, or Sanctuary will limit your search to Digital Assets that are part of the Category, Subcategory, or Sanctuary selected.

Also, if you are only looking for images for a specific kind of ‘end use’, you will want to check the boxes provided for this criteria. For example, if you were looking for images of ‘humpback whales’ that could be used in a print application (like a brochure or maybe a newsletter), you would select the box next to ‘Images for Print.” The same is true if you were only looking for images that were optimized for use on the Internet (“Images for Web”). And then, if you wanted to see all the video clips in the Media Library for your search subject, then you would want the “Video” box selected too. All tabs are selected as the default.

If your search does not bring back any results, try opening up the search criteria to using less or different keywords. For example, if you search for the Keyword "Gull" in the "Channel Islands" Sanctuary and there are no results, try searching for the Keyword "Gull" in all Sanctuaries.

Please note that the Media Library has been constructed to be compliant with all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, and Netscape.

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